Season’s Change…

Hello All!
as you can see I have been M.I.A for a few months now. I’ve been very busy with life changes.
Late this summer, I gave birth to a beauteous healthy girl. Her name is Olivia Zahara or Liv as I call her. She has been quite a handful but it’s all good. I will say that girl’s and boy’s are different. So…
I have not really had a chance to really visit much of my flea and thrift markets. I’ve been to a few and have some new pieces to share. The pieces would be great for the fall season.
Fall is indeed my 2nd fave season(Spring being my 1st). I get to breakout the thick scarves, boots, hats, comfy sweaters, cords and the leather!
I plan on updating as much as a possible can as the season changes in all aspects of my busy life. I’m excited to explore these new things and share them with you!