Do It Yourself Chic: Leather Bracelet made from Purse Strap

Hello! As the summer winds down, there a list of things I must do before Fall hits. The hubby and I took our son, Julian to his first day of kindergarten. I realize today that time waits for no one. It was a special moment to see my boy at his work station. I must say he settled in nicely.

I also have to clean out my closet and make room . I love to do this for the simple fact that I can shop in my own personal space. I ran upon some old purses that I haven’t used in forever. One of them I had double(same purse). The straps had broke on them. I was thinking of how to reuse it. Than it hit me! I could make a bracelet out of the straps from the purse!Pretty cool idea.

I gathered up my collection of gold and metallic buttons(eBay ), fabric clue, a tool to help guide the buttons and the piece of leather strap that was cut. I made sure to use the side that has the buckle on there. That way you can fasten without any problems.
Once I had all my items, I got right to work!

You can clue them on in any style that you like. I figured I’d do it simple this time. It came out looking awesomely
Chic if I do say so myself. Here are a few pics if before and after. My first Bracelet made from a purse strap.








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