Thrifting for Shoes

Hello! I have been on a shoe kick as of late! It might have a lot to do with the upcoming season(Fall). I just can’t stop looking and buying shoe’s. Lucky for my thrifting fetish, I haven’t shelled out a lot of moo lah for my fix.

I recently visited Junk the yard Dog and located on Eglin Parkway. I see it all the time and just happened to stop in on my lunch hour one day. I went in the back of the store and scored some glittery glitz heels. I was like there is no way these are my size. I looked and to my surprise they were a size 9! I was too excited. I tried them on and they were perfect. Only cost me $5.00 no tax! Yes. Great find for sure.

I was in Niceville visiting just to see what was new out there in the thrift world and went to there the local good will. They had a lot neat things in ther. The one thing that caught my eye was the massive collection of shoes that they had. It was a great variety of style as well. I saw these cute red/orange loafers by St John Bay. Can you say super comfortable? I had to have them. I was done shopping that day and saw another pair that I couldn’t leave without. There were Gold Weaved like Heels by BCBG Girls. The heel is wooden. They were perfect for me! I will be able to wear both comfortably. I scored once again.