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Do it Yourself Chic: Christmas Flats

Hello All!
I haven’t been blogging as much as I would love to. I miss writing and sharing my thrift/ flea market escapades! I may have slowed down with blogging but not shopping! This time around I decided to jazzy up some flats that I had bought last year. They are the old navy flats that came in all kinds of colors and fabric. I got a green pair and a light cream color.

I’m a sucker for sticking fabric, felts, glitter and buttons on all my things.It always stands out. This is my way of personalizing it. I had some poms poms from a unfinished project. I decided to use this on the front of the flat and on the back. I used all the colors except brown. I had bottle of fabric glue and my fave tool, needle nose pliers.i used just enough of the glue. I carefully placed the poms poms on the flats. I let the poms poms on the front dry for about 30 min. I turned them upside and continued to Pom Poming ( I don’t think that’s a word but you get my drift). I let them dry for another 30 minutes and voilà!
I haven’t worn them out yet but trust I will be for Christmas this year. They are cute and unique. I bet they would look awesome in red or a metallic flat as well.


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