Elle’s Look: Braids and Vintage Fur

Hello Elle’s.
I believe we are way overdue for a thrift outfit post. What do you think? This was my Thanksgiving ensemble. Talk about the post being extra late! I remember it being so windy that day. Yeah it was a darling outfit but I was freezing my butt off! The vest is from a local vintage store call Shangri La Vintage. They have such a variety of vintage items there. I’m talking things from each decade. Just lovely to look at. The blouse is from the Goodwill. My obsession with secretary blouses continues. It is vibrant with a good print to dress up or down. The gold earrings are my favorite! These are from one of the many thrift stores in town. Only $4.99! just Perfect! The heels I got from the Flea market.
I actually took my son, Jules with me that day. He thought it was the coolest place ever. I think he was excited with all the different toys and sports stuff. He even scored some black converse high tops for $7.00. That was a fun day.







The Deets:
Gold Earrings- Thrift Store
Long Sleeve Blouse- Goodwill
Vintage Fur Vest
Shangri La Vintage
Black Jeans- Elle
Gold Monogram Bracelet
Black Patent Leather Heels