Elle’s Look: Vintage Spring Floral

Happy Friday All!
May I gladly say that Spring is officially here! I finally get to spring clean and do wardrobe changes. It’s time for me to put up the boots and thick sweaters. I’m ready for sandals and pastels. I wore this cute skirt and cardigan combo. The skirt was a thrift find. The skirt looks like vintage tablecloth or curtains. Very Peachy. I love it. It’s an oldie but goodie for me. I decided to pair a cream cardigan with the look. The cardigan is from T. J Maxx. I have a trick I love to with my cardigans. wear them backwards!
Chic but sweet💙. I wanted to wear the Jacquard heels with this ensemble. Love! I have Jewels for days. The one I did want to share was the grape pear necklace that I got in a boutique in Panama city a few yrs back. Classic.




Cardigan-/TJ Maxx
Grape Necklace/Panama City Boutique
Jeweled Bracelet/Loft
Jeweled Ring/Franchescas
Skirt/Local Thrift Store
Handbag/Kate Spade
Jacquard Heels- Thrift Store