April 2015 Fave

Happy May 💙!
It’s that time again and I will be talking about my favorites for the month of April I want to talk about a variety of different things like music, makeup product of course because I’m such a product junkie and food. let’s talk about the month of April for just a second. It was a great month I celebrated my 8 year wedding anniversary . I finally made a decision that is going to be life-changing. I cannot believe it’s May that means we are only a month and some weeks out from summer. The year is going by so fast and it’s exciting to know of some great things coming up in the next few months. It will be two years this month that I started this blog. I want to make this fashion blog better. I plan on bringing more blog posts of all things that I adore. I will have more time to do that in the upcoming months💙 I want to talk more about the Elle looks monthly favorites,quotes, product reviews and of course the thrift store hauls. I might want to do my videos just to be more personable to my followers. I’m excited and cannot wait for these changes🎉


Bonjour Decor.

I got this at Ross. They had a ciao and a hola one. I figured the Bonjour want fit me with the being obsessed with the French everything. It looks really good in the living room which I am making some minor changes in it right now and this brighten it up



This product was actually featured on shark Tank many moons ago. My husband and I love that show. we watch it every week. this couple came up with this cute app to where you could take pictures on your phone and download them and to where you can order them and have prints and mailed to you in a book. Now I know there are few websites out there that do that but this one is my fave. You will pay a monthly fee but you are in luck. To my followers: you can get a Groovebook for free!! just download the free app Groovebook. follow the signup instructions. enter the coupon code: Reidinger8! And begin reviewing and uploading pictures! This coupon is good for all month of May💙.

Groovebook- to get you a free one used the coupon code Reidinger8

White Lace Flats.

I have been wearing this shoes nonstop since I got them at target. They are Mossimo Bran and go with everything. It has the cute lace detail. I’m not really into lace but these were so cute and comfy. Best of all they were on clearance for only $7!


This is probably my favorite drink of all time. It’s delicious and good you. I discovered it one day at Publix while shopping.I drink it at least three times a week. It helps me feel energized and healthy. I was fighting off a cold or something last week and I must say that I honestly believe that this helped it not get any worse. It’s got a great taste. I would suggest you try it. One of the best Acai drinks out there.


Baby Lips. Oh Orchid.

I collect the baby lips by Maybelline. I’m in 💙 with oh Orchid. It’s so pretty and plenty of moisture. It has just enough color.



Say Lou Lou. Everything We Touch

What can I say about this hip duo?
I actually read about them and one of the lucky magazines a few months back.They are twin sisters based out of Australia and Sweden. The sound reminds me of the wave from the 80s with a pop flair to it. lately I’ve been listening to different walks of music. They happened to be one of them. The song, everything we touch is magical. I listen to it often. It instantly puts me in a great mood


Honest Sanitizer Spray
I really like the honest company products. I’m sure y’all have heard of it. Jessica Alba and few others came up with these safe everyday products. I have used the dish soap, all of the baby products and so on. The sanitizer is the something that I actively use. I always have them in my purse for the kids. My kids actually don’t mind me messing with their hands with the spray. It has a nice clean smell and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it at all. I invite you to try out their products. you will not be disappointed!!

To try it
The Honest Company