Do it Yourself Chic: Spring/Summer Wreath

I recently decided that my outside patio needed some sprucing up. We’ve been in our home for about six years now. I haven’t done much to the outside in the last two years. I was Pregnant in the spring of 2013 and we were still adjusting last year. We had mulch down but that was it. I wanted to brighten up the outside a bit.

It’s time for the DIY project for the spring and summer! I went over to A.C Moore.I absolutely love that place. They have such a variety of things and inexpensive. I got the Wreath, the letters, and ribbon there. I’ve always wanted to have a wreath for my home. I would say that it’s very welcoming. So why not make one, right?





Along with the wreath, I wanted to but some artificial flowers out. I needed to add some more brightness to the entryway. I went back to A.C Moore and stocked up on colorful flowers. They had a great sale going on that day. All the flowers were 40% off. I got a mixture of colors and bought a silver tin as well. I had these blue dollar store buckets and decided to use them as vases. This DIY project was so easy and fun. I’m already ready for the next project!



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