10 Things about Elleisforshe

Hello All.

I thought about doing a personal post so my readers can get to know me a little better. I was going to share 10 things about me that you don’t know. I will go on ahead and start it:

✔️I was born with a heart murmur 30 years ago

✔️My first job was at Popeyes chicken which is where I met my future husband💙

✔️Growing up, I wanted to be a fashion designer,singer and a hairstylist.
✔️I have such a versatile taste in music. I can listen to anything from Indie music to old-school hip-hop and not miss a beat.

✔️My favorite animal is the loving Panda. Random I know

✔️I Was a military brat. I was raised on a Pacific island called Guam and New Mexico. It was great living in both locations. I miss Guam dearly. Everything from their fiestas( Island get togethers with family and good food), I liked how the different towns that they had where called Villages. There was some landmarks too! I can go on all day about it. New Mexico was awesome too. I was slightly younger than when I lived on Guam. I remember the area that they had called white sands. It was pretty much a clear desert with white sands. Talk about breath taking. To get a glimpse of that, you can watch the old video that was filmed there, Water Runs Dry by Boys II Men.


✔️I am a partial vegetarian. I don’t eat any red meat, Beef or pork products. I only consume use chicken,fish and maybe little bit of bacon. I eat strictly vegetables and grains and that’s it.
✔️ I am a newbie Yogi! it’s very relaxing and enjoy it very much. It puts me in a peaceful mode from my hectic life. I would suggest everyone try it one time. I love it.


✔️ I got my blog name from the French word for she. Elleisforshe. I thought it sounded pretty neat so I stuck with it.

✔️my dream is to reside in Paris, France one day. I can’t explain it but I just feel a connection to this place.



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