New York Fashion Week 2016.. So far

Hello and Happy Sunday Night.

When I went out this morning to go grab a few things, I immediately notice the breeze. That’s right, the fall breeze. It was 75 degrees and it felt amazing. I know this is great and probably for one day. If you live on in Florida, you already know how indecisivethe climate is.

It’s also that time of the year again for you guessed it

What is this semi annual event?  It’s is when international fashion designers present the collections for the upcoming season. These collections are shown to buyers, the press and to us(the public). It last about a week( fashion show for 7 days plus!!! Yes) .They have them in 4 regions too. Milan, London and of course Paris is the other. There ‘s one in February which is for the fall/winter line up and September is for the spring/summer line. We are looking at this lineup now. Here are my fave so far from the spring/summer 2016 from these designers.


**All pictures are located on VOGUE**
These are all very colorful and vibrant! What can I say I’m a sucker for prints and textures.