Do it Yourself Chic: Fabric Shoe Inserts

Welcome Wednesday.

My 3rd Favorite day of the week. I took a bit of a break from the blog. Its that time of the year, Christmas time. So we had plenty going on at the house( Putting up Decorations, Tree,Gift Shopping, Christmas Pictures etc. ) We have done all of it except gift shopping. It’s been quite a challenge trying to find time to go out and by for the kiddo’s due to our schedules. We will hopefully have a break here soon and be able to complete this pesky task this weekend.

Last weekend while at wally world, I stopped over to see what shoes that had for Liv. I’m always looking for cute and frugal shoes for her. I’m all about being practical right now because will she is only 2 and is growing like wildflowers. So I saw that they had some cute lace ups by Garanimals which is sold at Walmart. I got black and white pair for a little over $5.00.

I wanted to do something a little different. I’m always wanting to jazzy up the outside. What about the inside? I want dot add fabric to the shoe and decided to do it has an insert. That why you can have the shoe with the cute and vibrant detail inside. I thought it was pretty neat.



What I used:

A light sharpie or dark pencil to trace fabric for the shoe shape

2 Different type of Fabrics

1 Craft Scissors

Your Trusty Glue Gun

1.What I did first is traced the outline of the bottom of the show with a sharpie. Once I was able to see the shape, I cut it out. It was a little bit bigger than the inside but that’s ok. As long as you get close enough to the shape.

2. I know have cut 4 swatches for my shoes. and ready to glue them in the shoe.

3.I took each swatch and but just enough glue to go there

4. I than grabbed the pencil or sharpie and pressed down inside the shoe to make sure that it lined up correctly inside.

5. I let it dry for a good 30-40 minutes

6. Voila! You have cute Fabric Inserts for your Shoes.









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