Elleisforshe year in Review: 2015

Hello All!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday. It came and went very quickly. I enjoyed the time with my loved ones very much. The Kiddos did pretty good in the gift department as well.

This is them on Christmas Morning 2015.

2016 will be here in less than 72 hours and I’m real anxious about that. This year has been both high and low for me. I wanted to do a quick review of my favorite blog posts from the past year.

Coachella 2015


I had a Coachella moment this past year in April. The atmosphere, the fashion and the too cool music playist had me wanting to put this festival on my bucket list.

Elle’s Look:Mira Memorial

This Blog Post was right after we had lost our great family friend, Steve. It was memorial day weekend and wanted to show my tribute to him. IMG_5916





Do it Yourself Chic: Spring/Summer Wreath

I really enjoyed making this wreath for the outside of our home. I wanted to do something different for once and I loved how it turned out.


My Day at Baytowne Wharf Village

This was a fun day with Olivia. We had originally went out there to see Hello Kitty but they had listed the wrong info date. We hadn’t been out to Baytowne in a while( we were regulars before the kiddos), So we decided to hang out there.


Flashback Travel Log : New Orleans

What can I say about this post besides from the fact that I wrote about it a year later. We went to go visit sweet New Orleans for the 1st time and watched the On the Run Tour. We saw Jay-Z and Beyonce, Who we both adore dearly. I’ve been the biggest Jay-Z fan long before my girl Bee came on the solo scene. Beautiful Experience it was to witness both of them on stage.

img_2347_Fotor img_2356_Fotor

I wanted to make this a 2 part Blog Series. That would be more likely my last post for 2015!