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DIY Chic: Quintessential Black Chocker Necklace

Hello Saturday.

I feel like it took forever to get here this week. It was a long week with a day off towards the end of it. The hubby celebrated his birthday just Thursday (Jan 28). We spent the whole day together kid free! We watched a whole movie w/o interruptions. We have been wanting to see Matt Damon’s, The Martian. I must say that it is an excellent film. Please check it out. Its a Great film. I also made him a chocolate cake that night. The kids and I wish him a Happy Blissful Birthday.





I have been obsessing over the 90s Black Chocker trend. The 90s was the decade for all the different genres of fashion(Exercise Wear, Glamour, Grunge, Goth, Preppy & Urban).

I believed I pretty much worn most of the trends. My Favorite was a combination of Urban, Preppy and Grunge. I for one was one of many who wore The Black chocker necklace in middle school and loved it. I see it has been making a comeback the last year or so. I wish I’ve kept mine from many years ago but you know how that goes. I decided to get in on it and make my own black choker necklace.

I only used the following items for this quick DIY:

  1. 1 yard of black lace fabric– I purchased mine at Walmart but you can find out numerous craft stores
  2. Hot Glue Gun 
  3. Velcro
  4. Finger Guards – For Safety

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI measured and cut the fabric and decided how long I wanted the necklace to be. I cut the velcro about the length of half of my index finger and than glued it on the opposite ends of the lace. I let the necklace dry overnight and Voila!





**Pictures of Joan Smalls,Drew Barrymore and Zoe Kravitz were found on Pinterest.**





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