5 Books I plan to read in 2016

Happy Friday Y’all.


It’s the weekend again. Thank goodness for that. I’ve been on a kick lately just wanting to do more of what I love. I recently change jobs(Full Time to Part time) with the same company. I’m delighted to have more free time with my kiddos,blogging, reading and yoga. I don’t plan on doing all of that in that order but just the possibilities that I have. It’s a good change for us I believe and couldn’t be more excited about it.

So I put a list together here of the books I want to read before the end of this year. There is 2 on the list that have not been released yet but when they do, They will be right on the IPAD. Here they are:


Author: Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

Release Date: March 22, 2015

Quick Summary: 4 Adult siblings(Plumb is their last name) and the fate of their shared inheritance. They have all something to come together to help a irresponsible older sibling

What Interest me:  I saw this in one of my mags a few months ago was intrigued by the different siblings and them coming together to help the oldest sibling with that being said they have been depending on this inheritance to better their lives. We all know money can sometimes be the root of evil.


Author: Chrissy Teigen

Release Date: February 23, 2015

Quick Summary: This is pretty much a further look into Chrissy Teigen Instagram food feed(Which I follow and love all and I do mean all of her food pics).Recipes from herself,her mother(who shared some almost Thai dishes) and John Legend of course.

What Interest Me: I Love her Instagram and she seems like a cool chick( she’s every where I swear) and I’ve been looking forward to this book of yummy and divine recipes



Author: Shonda Rhimes

Release Date: November 20105

Quick Summary: Shonda is a true Introvert(like myself) who said no to quite a bit of things that came her way.She was a bit afraid of the attention and suffered from anxiety from it. she was just comfortable burying herself with her work, family and etc. She than got a wake up call from her sister telling her that she never says yes to anything. She than decided to take on a year long challenge by saying yes.

What Interest Me: I saw this in Essence Magazine several months ago and new immediately I wanted to read it. Shonda Rhimes is such a Boss and an Inspiration. She is a creator of some pretty awesome things(Greys Anatomy,Private Practice and the highly successful  Scandal and How to get away with murder) .



Author: Rumaan Alam

Release Date: June 7, 2016

Quick Summary: 2 friends that have a strong friendship like sisters who have shared all their life experiences with one another suddenly has a strained relationship.

What Interest Me: I think we all can relate to this happening to them once in their life. I had someone dear to them and went through everything together to only grown apart and wonder what happened or if it can ever be the same again. I for one have experience this a few times in my life.



Author: Hoda Kotb

Release Date : January 5, 2016


Quick Summary: She shares inspiring stories  about people who find the life purposes in unexpected ways. People who thought they were doing what they wanted everyday are actually destined to do something else.

What Interest Me: I love the inspiration behind the people she interviewed(some folks you may recognize) and just the thought of just maybe we aren’t living the life we are suppose to live. We are all here for a reason and sometimes things are put in are way to lead into the right direction.


These 5 bad boys are most definitely on my list of must reads for 2016.

You can order all books from Amazon.