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Elle’s Product Review:Nyx Cosmetics Lip Lingerie

Happy Wednesday All.

I had a few days off here for spring break with my son and had to return to work. It was so nice and look forward to the next break. I was also sick with a bad cough due to the wonderful pollen that we have pouring down on us every year.  Also during the time off I had been working on something that is been an awesome experience and a dream. I can’t wait to share it here in the later on this week.

I have been on the hunt for the latest trends in makeup and everybody is on this Greige & Brown Lip Color Stage. I think it looks great and a nice change from the typical pink/peach nude that is always in. I wanted to try it myself to see if it looks good on me based on my dark complexion. I haven’t seen to many brown girls wearing it so we shall see. This is what I was able to come up with:

I bought the following shades from Ulta on the online store: Honeymoon, Embellishment and Beauty Mark.



Beauty Mark







I tried all three shades and came up with these results and here is what I think:


Honeymoon,Embellishment & Beauty Mark


Honeymoon,  Embellishment, Beauty Mark

So This is what it looks like on my complexion. I would say that embellishment and beauty mark look best on me.

Honeymoon had potential but I just think its too chalky on me. I could use it on another shade of lipstick or gloss to make the color a lot more creamer. I couldn’t use it alone.

Embellishment is pretty and look like a pastel purple on me. I like it and can use it by itself. This can be mix to have a purple tint to a lip or lighten the color. The color is pretty accurate.

Beauty Mark is my favorite out of all three colors. It’s a true nude on me and I like that. I don’t recall having any shade of lipstick that matches or is close to this color. It’s a different look for me and will wear it alone or mix it with another shade.

The NYX Cosmetics  Lip Lingerie That I’m rolling with is Beauty Mark. I like all shades but Beauty Mark is a winner.

*You can purchase all at Ulta *



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