The Purple One

In the summer of 1984, My mom & dad went to go see this rock musical drama called, Purple Rain. My mom was very pregnant with me at the time. She says as she watched the movie, When there was a performance or singing of any kind by The Purple One, I would go crazy in her belly. I think I knew even in the uterus that what I was hearing was something quite unique and special. I can only be talking about Prince.

He Transformed just 7 days ago from earth. I have seen plenty of tributes and love from fans all over the world. His music was for everyone. He did Blues, Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and may I also add that he created the Minneapolis Sound. So versatile. The music that has been left behind is endless. Thankfully we have that. His Fashion style was out of this world. It was quite daring, bohemian and of course what he was known for early on and that was being androgynous. He did all of those and made them look effortless. That is what I loved about him. He played by his own rules in the business part of his music. Which he lost his name at one point and went by the famous love symbol,       theartist and than went by Prince again. I wanted to share a few of my Favorite Songs That he has written(he has written,arranged & produced all of his music, all of it). I also wanted to post some of my favorite fashion moments.


Songs I Adore

The Most Beautiful Girl N the World

Adore/ Pink Cashmere/You got the Look/Insatiable/7

Money don’t Matter 2 Night/Cream/Future Baby Momma/Pop Life

Electric Chair/When Doves Cry/Controversy/If I was your Girlfriend

*Bonus* Diamonds & Pearls/Purple Rain/Call my Name/Scandalous

This is all I was able to put on this post. There is just so many songs. If you haven’t heard any of this songs, You will not be disappointed. 



Farewell My Purple One and Thank You for Visiting.