My Mother’s Day Post

++ I apologize for the delay with this post.We had Mother’s Day, Sister in Law B-day, Going Out all in one day++



Happy Mothers Day,

Hello to all this out there who have this prestigious role in your life. Today is all about you. I decide to do a post this special day. I have got with my son to help me today with it. He answered some questions with me and I answered some of his. I also have put together a few pics that I wanted to share with you all. Enjoy the Post.




Questionnaire with  Julian & I :

Mommy Q&A
How Does mommy make you laugh- tickle my feet
what is mommys favorite thing to do?- Go on the computer
what is mommy really good at? volleyball & dancing
what is mommy not really good at? playing paceman & battlefront
what is mommy’s favorite food? pizza, bacon,anything coconut
what makes you proud of mommy? doing good on her blog
how do you know mommy loves you? because i was her 1st baby.
where is mommy’s favorite place to go? starbucks,her eyebrow place,peppers


Julian Q&A
describe your dream vacation? new york,japan,atlanta,alaska,miami and guam
describe yourself in one word? strong
what is your favorite book? star wars sky walker saga
what is your favorite movie? star wars: the force awakens
what is your favorite meal? cheeseburgers
if you could make your own movie what would you call it? gun blaster
if you could only keep now toy, what would it be? my walkies
if you could change one thing in the world,what would you change? I would change the world to be a nice place. 





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