DIY Chic: Liv’s Tie Dye Jeggins

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all are having a great start to the memorial day(God Bless & Rest our Troop) weekend. It’s coming up on the summer time and i’ve been anxious in getting back to my DIY projects. It’s been quite awhile since the last one, Quintessential Black Chocker Necklace. That was only in January, so I’m afraid that we are way over due for a new DIY project. My daughter’s is growing rapidly and is getting tall. She has some leggings and jeggings that she is almost about to grow out of. I figured I get a little bit more use out of them before that time comes. I see that Tie Dye is going to be On Trend for the upcoming summer style.I’ve always found it to be classic. It’s such a nostalgic print from the 70s and  it’s such a fun pattern to wear . Here is just a few ways that it can be worn or put in the home.

tie dye2



So I needed the following

  1. Bleach   2. Sponge Paint Brush 3. Paint Brush 4. Small container that can hold Bleach 5. Clothing(of your choice)

You can use any article of clothing not necessarily jeans. I happen to love the way bleach looks on jean print. That’s why I choose that.

I grabbed all of the Items and did this out in the back yard. Here they are:


You can find these products are your local grocery store or hardware store.

I went on and put the bleach in the small container



Once that was done,  I went on ahead and laid out the pants on the grass(not the best choice but I didn’t use a lot of bleach for this).


I than decided to go with a stripe like pattern on the pants. Which ended up looking like clouds on the pants. I used the Spongy paint brush the majority of the time.  The Paint brush was used for the small sections on the pants. It was sunny that day so the bleach was able to do the job. I kept it outside for about an hour and than brought it in. I wanted it to try out completely. Once dried, I went on and wash the pants in cold water and than put in the dryer.  Here is the Finish product courtesy of Olivia(she’s a natural) :


What do you think? I think it turned out pretty cute and stylish!