Travel Log: Disney World

Happy Monday Everyone!!
I hope everyone is doing well. I was supposed to post last week but decided to give it sometime. Based on everything thats been happening here in U.S. ,Bless all that have been affected by the happenings in Orlando. Times like this we have to be grateful to all that we care for and vice versa. No matter what we all bleed the same. 


Father’s Day was yesterday. We were out the 1st part of the day and hung out at are local Harborwalk Village and later on chilled out home. The hubby was happy ad that’s all that matters.



We took an early summer vacation with the kiddos for a surprise visit to Disney world. We went down there for memorial and stayed for 4 days. The kids didn’t have a clue where we were going. When we were just city limits from Kissimmee, the Disney character signs were all over and my son didn’t realize it. He finally realize on day 2(we got there Sunday just to get settled and then the park on Monday) when he saw the famous sign. The kiddos went bananas of course! Classic stuff it was.

Overall it was like a dream come true to be there. We went to Hollywood studios that Monday first. That was pretty awesome. Star Wars Everywhere. If you followed when on snapchat, I snapped the storm troopers, Darth Vader and etc. My husband and son where in HEAVEN I tell you. It was so cute seeing my husband being all excited with the Star Wars. On day 2 we did Magic Kingdom. May I also add that it was blazing hot down there. We visited numerous rides, stores, met and took pictures of the Disney Characters. So Sweet.

Day 3 we went back to magic kingdom again just to explore what we didn’t see on day 2. That was our last day and we wanted to do it big of course. So we stayed until midnight. We met more characters and finally got to meet Mickey Mouse (which is a very big deal) that was pretty elite I must say. He is the star right? We stayed to watch the parade, the little movie that was reflected on the Cinderella castle and the fireworks. It was so hot but it was soo worth it. The night festivals were EVERYTHING. I suggest anyone that goes make sure you stay to see the nighttime festivals. It’s a must!!

We ate a lot of must-haves( Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Churros, Pineapple dole whip cone,Mickey Mouse shaped Pretzel,) We ate bad those 4 days but when we didn’t eat at the park we had places that we were familiar with like cracker barrel and Panera. I didn’t do any thrift shopping down. I was in Disney mode. We did go to super target to grab some essentials and misc. items (cute fringe purse and embroider shorts) ++ put Instagram pic++. We went to the millennial mall which was quite an eye opener. I would have had a better time there about 10 or 12 yrs. ago but I’m not into buying name brands straight off the runway or buying full price at all. I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to that now. I have to be.

Overall our trip to Orlando was A++. I’m hooked on Disneyworld. I want to go again and again. It really is the happiest place on earth. It just takes you there. I wanted to share a few pictures ( I took more than 100 photos) of our time there. Enjoy

I took so many Pictures of our adventures. I figured this was plenty to share. Has anyone ever been Disney? What did you enjoy the most about the trip?