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2013: The year I started Elleisforshe

Hello and Happy Sunday!!

Today’s post is going back to the year that I started this blog: 2013. It was an idea that I had and wanted to eventually do.I didnt know what I wanted to do at first. I have so many interest’s in different things. I’m a great fan of Music,Fashion & Home interior. I always came back to thrifting so that’s what I decided on. That year was a pretty busy year and for a great reason: I was pregnant with my 2nd child, Olivia. I had started the blog in my mid to late months of pregnancy(May 2013). I did my first post in June, 2013 and the rest is history as they say. This blog world has been a fun and excited adventure. I’ve collaborated  with a few clothing companies and met some awesome people in the process. I’ve been blessed to be presented with an opportunity to partner with my favorite shopping centers in my local area. I love sharing my love for thrifting and DIY projects and will continue to do so. Here are a few photos That I wanted to share from that year on this blog.

My 1st post: Thrifted Finds

2 Scarves and a Gucci Inspired Lipstick holder


Season Change:  I took a 4 month hiatus to get ready for Olivia. Here is one of my first photos that I shared of her.



Glamour Belts: I love my belts! Belts and scarves are the 1st thrift items that I started collecting.



I Adore Dior:  The Christian Dior pieces will always hold a special place to me. The cardigan was owned by dad and I just came upon the others at thrift stores. I took new photos for better details.




Elle’s Look: CamoLeopard; talk about the ultimate mixing prints






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