Thrift Finds: Purse Haul

Hello Monday!

It was a long week.Everyone in my house has had a cold fever thing going on and it struck me yesterday. I’m still feeling it today but that’s not going to stop me from accomplishing a fresh start and new week. Here is to a better week and sick free too.

I discovered a DJ based out of Norway named Cashmere Cat. I feel in love instantly with this song, Mirror Maru. He’s produced for a lot of artist. If you like electronic with urban vibes you must listen to this cat.

Today’s post is about my recent haul to one of my favorite thrift stores.

I found quite a bit that day and all of the handbags/purses are different from each other. bag1bag2bag3SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESbag5bag6bag7

This looks like the Sak crochet bag right? It didn’t have a label on it so  I don’t know if it is or not. The color was what got me. It looks like a blue/green teal color and the condition of it? Perfect. I didn’t find any flaws with it. This is one I will be wearing in the Fall/Winter 2016.

bag15bag17bag18bag19bag20bag16SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This cute triangle shaped pink goodness is the cutest! I already own a purse in this color but not in this shape. it’s fun and it can be worn as a cross body or a clutch.

bag8bag9bag10bag11bag12bag13bag14    This was possibly a make up bag from way back when. It says Oscar De La Renta on it.  I loved it because it has all of my colors in it and thought it was cute.


What do you think of my finds? Which one is more of your style?



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