Thrift Treasures: Fall Inspired Pieces

Happy Thrifting Thursday,

I have pulled together a post of recent Thrift items that have inspired me for the upcoming Fall Season in the next few weeks. I plan on wearing each and every one of these finds and can’t wait to rock them. I found a perfect condition Dooney & Bourke Belt that was only a $1.00. I found some cool shades that I remember seeing my mom and other moms rocking in the 90s. I found this beautifully colored vest that was also in perfect condition for $4.00 that I plan on styling with simple t-shirt. The scarf was another neat find for me as well. The Vintage marigold purse was a great find for me. I was trying to see what era it was from but wasn’t sure. Finally who could resist another belt to the collection? I love the design & color of the clasp that closes tight around what ever top or dress I decide to wear with it. All of items that where purchased were all under $20. Can you say Thrifting at it’s best.


dooneybourkebeltbelt4belt5belt2belt3belt6  img_7648-3