Fall Shows 2016: That I’m Loving

Hello Everyone!!

There have been so many good  Tv shows that have came and gone over the years. I hate to admit it but i’m a bit of a TV Fanatic! My DVR is filled with Kid shows,Movies, Drama, Reality, comedy you name it. When I like something on TV, I record it. I sometimes go overboard and end up recording series(I don’t have time to binge watch like that unless it’s real good) I came up with a list of 5 shows that I have been watching. Some of the shows are new and the others have been on for awhile. What do you like to watch? Here’s my list and maybe if you haven’t seen them, check them out. You might enjoy them.



This is such a good show. I’ve been such a big Fan of Tracee Ellis Ross(she is also one my style muse). It’s funny, real at times and talks about issues that are going on right now. A must if you like a comedy that makes you think about some things. 




Released on: 09/2014
Network: ABC
Day it Comes on: Wednesdays(check your local listings)


This is Us

This Show is too good not to mention. It’s about a family who lives are all connected in some way shape of form.The 3 main characters share a birthday. I don’t want to give too much away but there are quite a bit of twists and everyone is connected somehow. Check this out!

thisisusNBCUniversal Events - Season 2016


Released on: 09/2016
Network: NBC
Day it Comes on: Tuesdays (check your local listings)


The Voice

I love the new cast of The Voice.I’ve watched it on and off for a while but for some reason, Alicia Keys,Adam Levine, Black Shelton and Miley Cyrus just work.I  was always more The Voice than American Idol .  It’s almost over but you can binge watch on NBC if you want. This has been a good season so far.



Released on: 04/2011
Network: NBC
Day it Comes on: Mondays & Thursdays (check your local listings)


 Million Dollar Listing: LA

The hubby and I have been watching this show since it first premiered 10 yrs ago. It had only 3 guys on it at the time and it was fresh and new. We loved the layout of the show(Prime Real Estate in LA, showings, The guy’s Drama etc) . It’s still a favorite of ours. There are other coasts of Million Dollar Listing but none of them top LA. 

milliondollar1Million Dollar Listing LA - Season 9

Released on: 08/2006
Network: Bravo
Day it Comes on: Thursdays (check your local listings)



This is the only show that I have on my DVR that I have not checked out yet. It’s about Major League Baseball, a young pitcher who becomes the first woman to play in the league.I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty intriguing.


Released on: 09/2016
Network: FOX
Day it Comes on: Thursdays (check your local listings)

What are some shows that you like to watch?