Elle’s Look: Olive You

Hello All!

I hope everyone had an Awesome & Blissful Christmas this weekend. We had a good weekend with the family. The Kids got quite a bit from both sides from the grandparents and the hubby and I. The hubby and I didnt go all out this year because we are going to Atlanta fro New Year’s so that’s.We got each other just a few things(nothing major)

The look on today’s post is a look I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now, Olive Green Pant. I bought them at Loft at one of their season sale’s and paired it with everything else thrifted(except for the pink purse). What do you think?


What was retailed?

Olive Green Straight Leg Pants/Loft Bright Pink Anya Cross0Body/Angela Roi Gold Watch/Anne Klein

What was thrifted?

Silk Black Blouse / Black Velvet Loafers  / Colorful Ribbon Ball Necklace / Gold Charm Bracelet / Twisted Gold Earrings