3 Things 2 do in 2017 for a Happier & Positive Life


I can tell you that this is going to be the most exciting, life changing year that I’ve had since giving birth to my babies. I will in due time tell what all is going on. I’m  a firm, believer in making things in your life easier, practical and soaring for the better. I wanted to share 3 things with you all that helps me in being happier & positive. 

1.  Smile and laugh. This is the first thing you should do. It can be anything that makes you laugh and forget about the seriousness of our lives. Rather you reading a silly meme on social media or cracking up from watching a show. You must smile and laugh. I’m a sucker for strolling the twitter feed to see what everyone is talking about. I get a kick out of the responses sometimes in the topics ( I laughed at the drake vs nelly one recently, which I love Drake but Nelly wins hands down ) It’s important to take a break from life’s everyday happenings and if that means doing that, why not?

2.  Treat yourself. That’s right. You work hard at your job. You’re a mom or dad whatever it is, treat yourself. It’s ok to get your nails down, buy that top or purse you’ve been wanting for ages or going on a quick trip to a dream destination. Do it! Everyone deserves to splurge every once in a while. I will treat myself at least once a week. I will grab me a Starbucks drink or get me a bobo tea or maybe flowers. I make sure I do it though for myself. I work hard and a lot is required of me day in and day out so why not?


3.  Finally Stay away from Negative people/thoughts. Yes this is so vital for everyday life. Stay positive and speak good into the universe. That way it can come back the same. I have practice this over a period of time and finally got it. You will always have that one person in your inner circle say something that is not those things. I had a recent situation were a family member thought it was wise to say something that was negative about a decision that the hubby and I made for our family. I feel how I feel about that. As far as they’re not in our position and really don’t have room to have an opinion honestly about anything that goes on with us. There’s no room for being negative or having those thoughts in you, I know it’s hard at first to train your brain to do that but you will be alot happier. Trust.

So what are some things that you want to try to do this year to live a happier & positive life?!