My January Favorites

It’s the end of the month and we are gearing up for February now. I selected a few items to highlight my Favorites for January! That includes a Magazine, Wallet, Hand Lotion, Nostaligic Perfume, Red watch & Powder for the face.


Coca- Cola Watch

The hubby got this fro me when we went to Atlanta earlier this month. We had went to the World of Coca Cola. I’ve never owned a red watch and thought this was a classic look. the strap and the silver accents of it. The Face is the best about it of course.


Mint Green Wallet

The Color is what drove me to pick this up. It’s fun and whismical and I adore it. It’s a little early for spring but I could wear this color all year round. It was purchased at a target stop that was suppose to just picking up pulls ups and wipes.


Aveeno Lotion

I put this on my hands religously during the cold weather season. Ive found taht this works best for me around that time. My hands stay moisturize and no grease film left on the hands. The formula is light and I would suggest you pick this up and keep it in your purse.


Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder 

I use Neutrogena body wash and face toner but I’ve never used the makeup. I’m a new fan of Neutrogena Makeup. I found this item on clearence at Target and glad I did.I wasnt sure about the color at first but figured it would be a great matte for my face. The color was on point and my makeup looks really refresh. It come’s with a sponge that’s two side(orange & white) for full & sheer coverage. I would recommend.


Instyle Magazine – January 2017  Issue 

Who’s on the cover this month? It’s SJP or Carrie Bradshaw. Okay I will stop with the alias. It’s Sarah Jessica Parker. She is style Muse for many and is still rocking it even today.   There was some pretty informative features this month as always. I’ve share just a few


and lastly

Tommy Girl Perfume

I wore this non- stop between middle school and high school.  I stop wearing just because I was just wearing bath & body works and oils. Everything old is new again. Tommy is every where again. It’s like the mid nineties all over again and I love it. I got this perfume this past Christmas and been wearing ever since.


What are some if yall’s favorites from January?!