My Fashion Board

Good Saturday Everyone!

Today’s Post is going to be on something that inspires me. I will be talking about my Fashion Board. What is a fashion Board? I would describe it as a collage that you come up with that features anything fashion that inspires you. I have been doing this since I was in teen and have continue to do it. It’s cool to see how my style has evolved and what still inspires me. I did this board about a month ago and wanted to share it with you


The pictures are all from different magazine’s(Glamour, Instyle, Elle Decor, People Style watch) that I had. I cut out some outfits that I loved and would wear. I also featured some quotes to go along with it. As you know I love my Flowers so I had to put that in there. I wanted to put some stylish muses of all walks of life in there.This wouldn’t be complete without a little home decor. It includes Nicole Richie(socialite), Ciara(Singer), Cara Delevingne(model) , Lupita Nyong’O(Actress) and a Fashion Blogger, Ranti in Review( her style is everything! Check her out).


Have ya’ll ever done anything like this simply for inspiration?