My February Favorites

Would you look at that February is just about over now?  It has been such a jam packed month of everything possible. I’m talking from trying to sale a house to getting something temporarily in our new location. I have been off for 13 days approximately doing the SAHM (which I have actually enjoyed surprisingly)bit but I’m anxious to start this new job. It’s been jam packed and emotional rollercoaster for me. I’m excited and humbled for the upcoming oppourunites that has blessed our family and look forward to sharing my new life with you all in Norcross,GA. 

I wanted to highlight my favorites from this month before it ends. Here they are: 


Hello Kitty Notepad: 

I have been collecting Sanrio everything since my days living on Guam.  Hello Kitty happens to be one of mine and my daughter’s choice right now. since I have so much going on these days, I thought this was perfect for me. It is just small enough to put in a small purse and oh so cute. I have to hide it from Liv otherwise I would probably never see it again. 


Carmex Lip Balm:

I know we have all seen this at one point. Carmex Lip Calm! I’ve been wearing it lately because it works best for me when it comes to moisturizing my lips. It’s cheap and actually works.


Brookside Dark Chocolate pomegranate flavor: 

We found these at Sam’s Club awhile ago but I just got back into them recently. I’m such  a big fan of Dark Choclate and adding pomegrante flavor to that just takes the cake. These are pretty tasty and quite addicting. 



Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Shimmer Mist: 

Victoria Secret’s Bombshell is my absolutely favorite fragrance. So I was more tahn happy to pick this great find up. They have a mist that shimmers and s pretty on your skin. The smell is the same and I love it. I bought it a few weeks back at one of many Victoria Secret sale’s. It was about $5 or $6.  I will be wearing it alot more in the upcoming spring/summer season. 


Maybelline Fit Me(Matte + Poreless) Normal to Oily :

I’m always looking for the next best foundation. I found that this one works good on oily skin and gives great coverage as well. I have used Maybelline in the past but not as much(Covergirl or Revlon is my go-to). I did my research and just got it and love it. It does give my overall look at matte look and stays that way for alot of my days. It’s important for my makeup to that since I have such oily skin.  I’m a new fan and will buy this again. 


and Finally 

Argan 5 Multi – Action Eye Cream:

I’m 32 years old now and need to start treating my face like it. That means that I have to pay closer attention to my eye area and my neck area(i havent found my pick yet). I lucked out at TJ Maxx once again a found this product by Argan 5 for Eye Cream. Argan Oil is well know stable for beautiful skin and hair. I had added this to my fac regime and love it. It’s much too soon to notice anything but I’m sure my face will thank me 5 years from now.