My Nail Color Picks 4 Spring

Hello All!

I apologize for being MIA from the blog scene. Life has been pretty hectic for me. In case you missed it, I’m no longer in Florida but in Georgia. I accepted an oppourtunity that I could’nt refuse and took a risk and we moved. My Photographer is not here with me right now (He will be here Late May) So I have to work with what I have right now myself. Which I can’t wait!! It’s been a long month but you just got to roll with it. So This is what’s going on at Elleisforshe right now. This is real no chaser I tell ya.

I wanted to share my picks for what I will be wearing this spring on my nails. I have always been a collector nail polish. It all started in the 6th grade for me. I would wear crazy colors and had over 30 nail colors. I was obsessed for sure. As of lately though I havent had the leisure time to do my nails as much but planned on wearing these 3 colors in great rotation.


Eternal Optimist

I’m not really a light Pink Shade girl but I love Dusty Pinks. This shade is so Spring. The pink is light enough but also dark enough for those who are not pink wearer. This shade was too pretty in pink fro me to pass up.



For the Twirl of it.

I would say this shade is irridesecnt with a hint of darkness. I love this shade because it’s versatile and 3 colors in one. How can you not like this Metallic shade for spring?


Very Structure

This is Very Mod color. Very struture is a gorgeous burnt orange brown shade. It’s so 70s right? This color is perfect for all the platforms that you will be seing fashionista wearing this spring. This shade is my nude and make my fingers look elongated. 



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