My May Favorites


Guess What Time it is ya’ll. It’s my monthly May Favorites time. I have rounded up My 5 Favorite Items from this past month and wanted to share.



Here Goes…


Revlon Nail Color Cha-Ching
This nail color has been in heavy Rotation. I was on the hunt for a Mint/Seafoam green for as long as I can remember. I’m so glad I found Revlon’s Cha- Ching.
The nail colors that I’ve encounter have always been to translucent. They were watered down or I had to apply like 7 coats just to get the color. This Revlon Shade on needed 3 this time. I own quite a bit of Revlon Nail Colors and this is definitely one of my favorite shades by them.



I love Adidas hands down. if it’s not Fila than it’s all about Adidas for me. It goes back to middle school for me and beyond. I treated myself to a new pair in May and have not been able to part with them. I didn’t have to pay very much this time compared to the last pair( about $60. A little pricy for this thrifty lady). I shop at TJ Maxx like it’s no one’s business and always find great deals for home clothing, shoes & home décor. I lucked out one Sunday night and scored the kicks for only $35!! I kid you not. I was too happy and just amazed at the price. This was a favorite of May for sure.


Wet Ones Wipes
I’m a little narcotic when it comes to cleanliness . Ask my hubby, I have a least 4 bottles of sanitizer in my bag, car or around the apartment etc. I can’t help it I have kids now. On my recent flight to Florida with the Liv, I was looking for non-liquid items to bring on my carryon. I found this awesome Wet Ones wipes that are antibacterial. The packaging says that it cleans better than hand sanitizer. So you know I had to to grab that for the plane ride. I was quite pleased with them. My hands did not feel dried out and they smelled so good(Citrus Scent) .


Trader Joes Matcha Green Tea Latte
I Love Matcha Everything. I discovered matcha at Starbucks a few years ago. If you follow me on the Instagram I’m a Trader Joes Shopper now since living in GA. I found this Gem and grabbed 2 of them. It taste’s so good and you can drink it hot or cold. I normally drink it hot and add Vanilla Cream to it for some sweetness.


Wet n Wild – Coral Corruption
I blogged about Wet n Wild’s Megalast Liquid last month for My Target Beauty Box  and raved about how good it was. I went back to target to see what other colors they had. I came across this Gorgeous Matte coral called, Coral Corruption.
I like the product so much because it had a nice finish after it dries on you. It wasn’t too chalky and the color was pigmented. The best thing about it,It stayed on for me for hours. I hope that they release more colors because i’m a fan.