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The Wedding Guest Style Guide


Hello All!

It’s toward the end of September and fall is upon us very soon. There will be alot more festivals and celebrations. That also means that there will be countless couples getting married. We have all been invited to a wedding and didn’t know what to wear based on what type of wedding or what was appropriate. Today’s Blog Post is going to be on some Wedding guest style tips for what you could wear to a wedding as a guest. My tips are for a Beach Casual Wedding. Living in Florida, I see plenty of these types of weddings. My hubby and I also had the same event type as well.

Elle’s Wedding Guest Style Tips | Beach Casual

  1. Wear Light Fabric Clothing – For the ladies I say Maxi Dresses or a dress that is not to heavy in material. if it’s a little cool, bring a nice shawl. The Men wear could Linen Shirt, Bottom or both. It’s comfortable and Stylish
  2. Wear Flip Flops or Sand Friendly Sandals  – Let’s face it, Walking on the sand is not easy at times. Flip Flops and sandals are your friend. Trust me.
  3. Wear Light Colors – It’s the beach!  Who wants to wear Navy and Black to a beach wedding?                                                                                                                                                                            To help with some fashion inspiration,  I came across this awesome Wedding guest style guide. This guide is helpful for those who need inspiration on how to dress based on the event type.The next time I go to a wedding, I will use this guide to help me.                                                         BlkTux_wedding_guest_guide_x2_v05  For the Men, if you are in need of coming up with something stylish and quick, I hear The Black Tux can help with that. They have a variety of different Tuxedos & Suits. I even saw one on there that would be perfect for a beach wedding. They offer a unique sevice of renting your Tux and you can even do the Try-On at home  ( They will send you a suit and you can try it for 48 hours.). That’s what I call Rentals Reivented. img_6919

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