Travel Log : Pensacola Museum of Art

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m so happy that the new year is here! New beginnings, New experiences, New Opportunities etc.  I’m excited and ready to manifest all of my visions. The hubby and I did a vision board recently on what we want 2018 to bless us with. We will see how much of it comes true.

Today’s Blog post is on a recent trip to The Pensacola Museum of Art. I’ve wanted to go to something like this as long as I can remember. I admire any type of art and love to see what the artist is able to come up with. It’s quite magical. I took just a few pictures inside. The last picture is called a, Untitled Plantbot. It looks so unique and actually played a little music. To listen to, click here. I believe the song is Rocking Robin. The video is a little blurring but you can still here the sound bite.