February Favorites 2018

Hello Friday!!

Can you believe it’s March already. February went so quick didn’t? I was just thinking back to a year ago when we had moved out of state to Georgia. We are back to living in the sunshine state and will finally be back in our home. What a difference a year makes, right?



Today’s Blog post is going to be on my Favorite picks for February. It’s not much because I’m cutting down on buying everything now. Each of the items I got were great deals under $10.00. Let’s begin. 


Olay Luminous – Brightening Foaming Cleanser 


I love all Olay products. They respond well to my skin since I entered my 30s. This one is fro Tone perfecting. I have dark spots on my face and this cleanse has helped with that. I’ve used another previous (cream ) but I prefer the gel formula. I’ve been using all month long and do see a slight change. 

The Calm Coloring Book 


As you all know, coloring is not just for kids anymore. We can all getting on it now and not feel juvenile about it. It brings out your artistic side and very calming. All of my coloring material is put up right now in storage. I had to go get another one to keep it going for me. It helps me relax during nap times or just when I need my time.

Rock Lamp


When I got this, I thought it was the famous Himalayan Salt Lamps. I brought it home and it turns out it changes colors. I know you have seen these all over and have heard good things about them. I love the color change and it has brought some ambiance to the environment. 

NYX Cosmetics – Duo Chromatic – Illuminating Powder


I’m not real big into makeup anymore but I do like to see whats on trend right now. I was out at Target one night and saw quite a bit of NYX Cosmetics marked down. I must say NYX is one of my top Favorite makeup lines( I love all of their lip products). I was checking it out and saw this beautiful highlighter. I know everybody is all loving the highlighter look to the makeup now. I lved it and grabbed it for less than $3.00. I will need to watch some YouTUBE videos to find out how to apply it. 

This is how  the highlighter looks indoors and outdoors on me:



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