Elle’s Look : White Pants Please









Hello Tuesday!

The White Blue house is so cute. I had to take pictures surrounding it. I wanted to share a quick post on this look. I finally brought out my white pants. It’s March and Spring is in another week so why not. I paired it with a black top and houndstooth scarf that was thrifted. The Plastic Jelly bag is from Forever 21. I’ve been wanting this little handbag for awhile and finally got my hands on one. It was a good deal for less than $5. The bad news is I havent been able to find it on the Forever 21 site.  I got the silver loafers last year in the fall. It’s been awhile since I rocked something metallic on my feet. 

What was Thrifted?

Black T- Shirt / White Jeans / Teal Green Houndstooth Scarf  / Silver Rings 

What was Retailed? 

Silver Loafers – XOXO- TJ Maxx   / White Plastic Jelly Bag – Forever21 (sold out)  

Silver Watch – Casio 



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