Travel Log : Fort Barrancas

Hello Friday!!

After a month break from the blog world, I’m ready to connect to y’all. I’ve been M.I.A due to moving back into our house(Finally!!!). I’ve never been so thrilled in my life to have our space back. It’s been pretty interesting these last several months. Here’s a quick run down….

We moved back to Florida late summer last year. Why? Job Market up there wasn’t kind to us so we had to make a drastic decision to move back. It was the quickest move we ever experience. This is coming from an Air Force brat too. We are thrilled to be closer to our family and missed the Emerald Coast so much. the timing of everything has been perfect. I’m so grateful for the experience and don’t regreat anything. I do miss living in Atlanta but we can always go visit.

Let’s take it back to today’s blog post now. Since we’ve been back, I wanted to visit all the places that I haven’t visited. One of the places is Fort Barrancas in outside of Pensacola, Fl. It’s on the naval base so you would only need good identification to get on and visit.  It was an awesome visit with the kids. The landmarks and history is very interesting. I took some pictures of our adventures. Check it out if you are ever visiting the Gulf Coast.