What’s in My bag : Michael Kors

Hello Sunday!

This is a what’s in my bag post times 2. I want to share this good thrift find and also what I keep in it. These posts have always been a favorite of mine because the items change so much.

Michael Kors Rhea Medium Backpack






What’s Inside???

-Vera Bradley Wallet in Camofloral  – Faux Gucci mini wallet   – Honest Santizer Spray

– Mario Badesco Rose Water  – Sunglasses Case w/ Sunglasses – Bag of Crystals

-Nicole Miller Mini Lotion 



Mario Badesco Facial Spray w/ Aloe,Herbs & Rosewater – I’ve been using this awhile and its amazing. I use this to prime my make up and through out the day. It’s refreshing and smells heavenly.

Nicole Miller Body Butter – I got this from my mom this past Christmas and sad that it’s almost gone. It’s good moisture for hands & harms and smells great. I have to see where I can get some more of this.

Honest Santizer Spray – This has always been a stable of mine since I’ve been a mom. The Lavender scent is so good and it does the job well. My kids and hubby use it as much as I do. I normally by a few of them for back up.


Faux Gucci Mini Wallet – I got this from thrift many moons ago. I keep my lip products, Tampons etc. in there



Healing Crystals – By now you know that I love healing crystals. It brings good energy to my life and I take them everywhere with me. I even got my husband doing this now.



Vera Bradley Wallet – This was purchased at an Outlet. I did not see this on the website. I love the Camo and Floral look combined. This has been my go to wallet for sometime now.

Sunglass Fabric Case – I got these beauty at a boutique out in 30A. I love the ethnic feel and the pop of color


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