Thrift Handbags Fall 2019

Hello Monday,

Today is the last day of September! It’s been a whirlwind month of working hard and being able to celebrate when possible. We did my daughter’s birthday earlier this month ( she turned 6) and my birthday ( my hubby surprised me and took me to New Orleans) and on top of entering month 2 of running a business.  I didn’t think to blog much because of this. My favorite season is Fall, and now it’s really time to get connect and get that good content out. I love all Fall things so be aware of the next several blog posts for October and early November.

Today’s post includes 4 thrift handbags that I plan on wearing a lot of in the coming months. They happen to all be vintage and one good faux piece. I will talk a little about each one of them.


Kelly Green Handle Bag

This is a dream in color. The color is rich and feels flawless. This would be a great statement piece to had to an all monochromatic look. I haven’t worn it too much but plan on it this Fall.


Borderaux & Gold Handbag 

This one is so rich in color and feel as well. I’ve worn this in a previous Elle’s Look post before about 3 years ago.  The color is hard to describe because it looks like a combo of a few colors. It’s one of my favorites and I have some ideas in what to wear this Fall.


Vintage Suede Handbag 

This piece was a must for me because its a time piece( 50s or 60s)  and still looked in great condition. I try not to dress up with handbag because it’s already fancy. I pair it will jeans a lot and will continue to do that with( Sweaters anyone?)


Faux Gucci Bag

Maybe one day I will be able to afford a Gucci bag without question. Right as this moment in time, this will do. I wanted to bring this back to surface because it never goes out of style and it’s in excellent condition. You can rock this as a crossbody or over the shoulder. I wore this before in an Elle’s Look and still love it now.



What are some pieces that you will be rocking this Fall?


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