About Elleisforshe


All my life, all I ever wanted to do is fashion. Going all the way back to being 9 or 10 yrs old. I would do drawings of clothing. I enjoyed that very much. It was a way I could be creative and be myself. At that time my mom started taking me to yard sales and thrift stores. I would always find amazing things at great prices. I figured out later that if I could piece together a chic outfit for such a low-cost(from yard sales or thrifting) I was doing pretty good for myself. I’m still an avid thrifter today and  wanted to share my many treasures.It could be a vintage style scarf or something for the nightstand.

This blog represents my flair for fashion,thrifting and DIY.My Husband is My Photographer and motivated me to start this blog back in 2013.I’m also a mother of 2 Beautiful Crazy Cool Kids and it’s important to be pratical in my findings and in everyday life.Stay Awhile and subscribe to elleisforshe. You will read a little bit of everything in this blog. Enjoy

Elle Reidinger

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